We love what we do for a living, and we love hearing feedback about it. There is nothing better than standing back looking at a completed work with our customer, admiring the end result. Here are just a few of the many letters and calls that we have received from some of our customers.

We were searching for a contractor several years ago to build a back screened in porch about 20′ x 10′ and 10′ off the ground. We contacted multiple companies. We wanted a ‘nice’ porch, not extravagant, not basic planks pulled together. We got a really wide range of prices, some were outrageously high. Rick Boozer came in at above average but we liked his personal attention to detail and his assurance that when it was our time to build, he wouldn’t be pulled away by other projects until ours was done. So we expected a ‘good’ where our porch design and construction would blend in with the house. As work began with his crew, we started to see some nice touches that we didn’t expect…the trim on the porch appeared ‘custom’ like you would find with a room in a custom built home. There were no ‘short cuts’ or ‘amateur’ type build work. It was all very professional. We kept seeing nice quality that you would expect in a top line build work with the interior and exterior finish. Towards the end, we were very excited about what we got and definitely felt it was the best investment we ever made. We recently finished our annual Spring cleaning of the pollen, etc. and just sat back and admired the porch. We are still very pleased with it and would not use anyone else for such work.

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Dear Rick,


When we first started to look around at contractors to build our screened in porch, we were surprised at the wide range of build possibilities and quotes that we received.  As would be expected, we wanted to end up with a porch that was constructed with quality craftsmanship and one that we would take pride in showing friends and family, at a fair and reasonable price.


Having worked with unknown contractors, we have experienced how frustrating it can be sorting through those that claim excellent build quality and reliability only to find shallow promises that end up short on quality, reliability and skill to deliver a beautiful end product.  Above everything else, it’s rare to receive something that is built so well, so beautifully, that it actually excites you as you are seeing the finished product unfold.  I’m happy to tell you that we have experienced that excitement with seeing our screened in porch being built.


I think the quality that impressed us most is the attention to detail and adherence to high build standards throughout the job.  There were no shortcuts or compromises with the important structural components right up to the finished trim detail.  The porch actually enhanced our home with its spectacular features and beautiful craftsmanship…it is the type of work one might expect for twice the cost.


We were not surprised that your team was in demand and it took awhile before it was finally our turn to begin building.  But once your crew began, the work was very steady and contiguous.  Unlike some contractors we’ve experienced before, there were no repeated delays and excuses that stretched the project out for weeks or months.  Understandably, a day or two was missed but always with plenty of warning with expectations set beforehand.  All in all, I don’t believe we could have expected more reliability and honesty from anyone in the construction business.


During our search for a contractor it was helpful to learn that your company came highly recommended with the many SAS clients you’ve worked with in the past.  Your expertise and recommendations for the design and build of our project was much appreciated.  But in the end, it was the beautiful finished product that secured us as a totally satisfied client.  I have attached photos of our finished screened in porch to go along with this letter and would be glad to be a reference for prospective clients for you in the future.




Glenn Mann
Director, Education Sales and Marketing
SAS Institute Inc.

Glenn Mann

Awesome job! The whole exterior of our house needed a facelift. Rotting boards, gutter problems, etc. Everything is great and looking beautiful! On time as promised as well. But the thing I love the most is my new skylight shutters!!!! I didn’t know they existed until I was complaining about them to Rick and he told me about them. LOVE THEM!!! Now I have light when I want it and none when I don’t! Thanks again and beautiful job!!!

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We’ve been doing business w/ Total Home Enhancement for ~ 10 years and have been very satisfied w/ the many jobs they’ve done indoors/outdoors — from pressure washing the house, to fixing deck & front concrete porch, inside doors. They can be reached at 369-9111 (and no, I don’t get any comish for posting this — actually contacted them in the first place due to advice from another SAS employee).

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I can also heartily recommend Rick Boozer (Total Home Enhancement), also a spouse of a SAS Employee. They just did a whole bunch of trim problems on my house. – Mark

SAS internal posting service board

I got a bid from Total Home Enhancement for a master wing remodel and addition, and a large expansion of a detached, single car garage into a much larger two car garage with storage (and more, since I would be using it for a hobby wood working shop).


Member Comments:


  • I contacted Total Home via reference by a friend of a friend. That person had some work done the firm and they were extremely happy and enthusiastically recommended them. I saw several photos of the work, and I can say they do top notch work (from what I see in the photos).
  • Rick is the owner and he is the person I have been working with on the bidding process. Although he was the last contractor I contacted (almost two weeks later than everyone else), he was the first one to come back with a bid. I’ve since received all the bids, and unfortunately his bid was 15-20% higher than the others. However, Rick was very thorough with his estimate and allowed for a good allowance for fixtures and whatnot, so his price may be closer after considering that. Also, his quality of work is unquestionably high.
  • Rick was, and has continued to be very good with communication, reaching out on a regular basis (but not so much that I feel like I’m being harassed, unlike other contractors I worked with). He is very punctual, and if there will be a delay he’s quick to call and let us know; and the delays have been relatively short, ie. hours not days.
  • I was especially impressed with Rick’s enthusiasm and seemingly endless pool of ideas on how to make use of the space we have and improve on the layout of our plan. Although most of the ideas had been suggested by others at some point, the fact that he put out all those ideas from a the first visit showed me he had a lot of vision and inspiration. In fact, he did have some unique ideas, and even twisted a few ideas in new directions that worked out better than anyone else had suggested.
  • After interviewing 8 contractors, and working with 4 of them for detailed bids, I’d have to say Rick is still toward the top of the pile, even though he came in a little higher. As of this writing my wife and I have not yet selected our contractor, but I can say it’s down to Rick and one other contractor. He’s definitely made this a tough  decision and for all good reasons.
  • If you are looking for a contractor who is motivated, and full of ideas, you should give Total Home Enhancement a call. Although he may be a little more expensive in raw cost, I’m confident the results would be worth it.

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